“Lo Hei” for Good Fortune in the Year of Goat

[13 February 2015] Lo Hei is a Cantonese (a Chinese Dialect) term for “tossing up good fortune”. Lo Hei is a tradition from the Southern Provinces of China normally practised during the Lunar New Year period to bring in good fortune for businesses and individuals.

While MMI is a multi-national corporation boasting a multi-ethnics and multi-national workforce, we celebrate festivities and traditions together as a closely knitted MMI Family. We celebrated Lunar New Year with all our Chinese colleagues with “Lo Hei” today for a prosperous 2015.

To symbolise “tossing up good fortune”, we use “Yu Sheng” or raw fish salad that represents “an abundance of wealth and long life”. The ingredients for “Yu Sheng” are white and green radish, carrots, capsicum, red pickled ginger, slices of raw salmon, crackers topped with plum sauce, five spice powder and sesame oil. We tossed the ingredient high while saying auspicious well wishes out loud to usher in the good luck. Last but not least, everyone enjoyed the very delicious raw fish salad.

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