MMI Implements Anger Management Technique for Children

[4 February 2015] Helping children with their anger and frustration

Anger is a normal and healthy emotion. Children need to learn how to manage their anger without hurting themselves or others. Our new friend Tucker the Turtle will be helping the children to learn by sharing his “Tuck and Think” Story.

Tuckers Story: Tucker the Turtle is a terrific Turtle. He likes to play with his friends at School. But sometimes things happen that can really make Tucker really angry and mad.

When Tucker got angry and mad, he used to hit, kick, or shout at his friends. His friends would get mad and angry or upset when he hit, kicked, or yelled at them.

But Tucker now knows a new way to “think like a turtle” when he gets mad and angry.

Inside his shell Tucker thinks of these solutions:

  1. Share
  2. Play
  3. Ignore
  4. Ask nicely
  5. Say, “please stop”
  6. Get a teacher
  7. Exchange a toy or item
  8. Wait and take turns

Tucker’s friends are happy when he plays nicely and keeps his body to himself. His Friends also like it when Tucker uses nice words or has a teacher or adult help him when he is upset.

Here are seven ways to help a child cope:

  1. Be firm and fair, without getting angry. Limits are part of loving.
  2. Understand that anger usually stems from the frustration of uncertainty causing frustration of trying to get or avoid something.
  3. Be clear. Tell the child what you want him or her to do in a specific situation. Try to avoid lectures. Say, “Try this instead.”
  4. Coach the child on how to handle conflict.
  5. Role model healthy ways to deal with anger.
  6. Try to avoid spanking as it teaches hitting.

Be patient: Learning takes time!

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