MMI Graduation Concerts Mesmerise The Audience

[9 November 2014] When the curtain finally lowered down for MMI Concerts 2014, the undeniable sentiment was that they were the best ever concerts for MMI. With words of appreciation flying in from parents during days after the concerts, our Principals and teachers were brimming from ears to ears, deservedly rewarded for a job well done.

Children concert is an integral part of MMI’s curriculum. Children concerts gave the rare opportunity for children to perform on stage in front of big audience. The experience instils in the children the sense of courage and accomplishment that will do wonder for their self-esteem. Also, children develop good discipline after the long period of practises and rehearsals.

MMI Concerts 2014 were held on 1st Nov 2014 and 8th Nov 2014 over 6 sessions at Matrix Auditorium located in One-North, Buona Vista. A total of 23 MMI Centres participated in the concerts. Much credit must be given to our Concert Committee as the event was well coordinated and the costume and prop were eye-catching. Crowd was well marshalled and the event was smooth sailing with no glitches.

Inside the auditorium, our little performers churn out many outstanding performances that won the standing ovations from parents. The wonderful moments of the concerts will always live in the memory of those involved!

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