MMI’s CSR Effort – MMI HQ Staff Do Their Bit in Coastal Cleaning

[29 November 2014] Due to his impoverished childhood, Dr Chandroo, Chairman and CEO of MMI has always kept an eye out for helping the poor and needy. His aptly balances the business and social objectives of his enterprise, by injecting key Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies into MMI such as the award of bursary and scholarships and charitable contribution to help children in needs. One charitable project undertaken by MMI was setting up a community childcare centre in the basement of a Hindu Temple providing complimentary childcare for needy children of all races and religions. MMI also donated USD $50,000 recently to Singapore International Foundation (SIF) to help build a mobile library to improve literacy of children in the war-torn area of Jaffna in north Sri Lanka.

Inspired by Dr Chandroo, MMI’s staff in HQ formed a CSR committee to instil the culture of contributing back to society among staff. The most recent project was coastal cleaning at Pulau Ubin. Eleven HQ staff signed up for the project and had a fruitful and fulfilling trip to the island off the water at the north east of Singapore.

On 29 November 2015 (Saturday), the MMI Team assembled at Changi Village at 8am before taking a ferry over to Pulau Ubin. The team was divided into 3 groups to compete for the most amount of rubbish collected from the beach. It was an eye opener to see all types of debris littering the beach. After 3 hours of hard work under the scorching sun, the beach looked so much cleaner.

The Team also took the opportunity to walk around the island and taking in the sights of a picturesque island with rustic charm. Overall it was effort well rewarded.

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