Construction of MMI Vietnam International Pre-school in Full Swing

[2 February 2015] The construction of our first MMI Vietnam International Pre-school broke ground in August 2014 and is scheduled for completion in May 2015. This state-of-the-art MMI international pre-school in Vietnam is built on a 1400 sq m land in the province of Binh Duong (near Ho Chi Ming City) that we purchased from Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park (VSIP).

Our foray into Vietnam started in 2010 and we encountered great challenges in overcoming government bureaucracy and also in identifying a suitable land for our school. With the help from VSIP, we were able to secure a prime land in the Binh Duong province that is undergoing rapid development.

While we need to resolve some technical issues along the way, the construction is by and large smooth sailing and is expected to complete on schedule. The first school term is scheduled to start in September 2015. The school capacity will be 300 children and the first cohort of students is expected to be about 80.

Our Investment licence in Vietnam empowers us to enrol both local and international students and we have started planning for our 2nd and 3rd school in the provinces of Haiphong (near Hanoi) and Ho Chi Ming City respectively. We have high hope for the Vietnam market as majority of the population there are under the age of 35 and their disposable incomes have risen significantly in the last decade. The awareness on the importance of pre-school education and the desire to provide the best for their off-spring is prevalent among the young parents in Vietnam.

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