Monthly Archives: November 2014

MMI’s CSR Effort – MMI HQ Staff Do Their Bit in Coastal Cleaning

[29 November 2014] Due to his impoverished childhood, Dr Chandroo, Chairman and CEO of MMI has always kept an eye out for helping the poor and needy. His aptly balances the business and social objectives of his enterprise, by injecting key Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies into MMI such as the award of bursary and...
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MMI Dinner & Dance 2014: The Final Countdown

[24 November 2014] Showing off their fancy footwork and dancing to the tune of the 80’s hit “The Final Countdown”, our Chairman/CEO Dr Chandroo and our Director of Pre-school Mdm Sheila gave a rare glimpse of their well hidden talent. They led a wild cheering crowd, posing in creative selfies posture in a night of...
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MMI Graduation Concerts Mesmerise The Audience

[9 November 2014] When the curtain finally lowered down for MMI Concerts 2014, the undeniable sentiment was that they were the best ever concerts for MMI. With words of appreciation flying in from parents during days after the concerts, our Principals and teachers were brimming from ears to ears, deservedly rewarded for a job well...
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