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MMI Silver Jubilee’s Specials: The Spectacular Asia Montessori Conference

[1 July 2015] ASIA MONTESSORI CONFERENCE launch on the 1st of September 2012 by MMI Group gathered an over-whelming response with renowned international speakers and delegates from United Kingdom, Germany, Australia and Thailand, congregating in Singapore for the one day conference. The conference also embraced representatives from varied Ministries, educational institutions together with MMI parents and...
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MMI Facebook CNY Photo Contest – Announcement of Winners

[2 March 2015] Our CNY Photo Contest is reflective of our Singapore society as a melting pot of ethnic groups, culture and languages. We celebrate others’ festive seasons as though they are our own. This is no more evident than the many entries that are from other races, and the top two prizes winners are...
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MMI Facebook CNY Contest Enters Its Second Year

[9 February 2015] MMI Facebook’s Chinese New Year Photo Contest is back! As part of our effort to engage our community of parents and staff on social media platforms, we kicked off our inaugural Chinese New Year photo contest on 27 January 2014. The contest was a great hit with our ever-growing legion of fans and...
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